Archimedes is often credited with the invention of the first Screw Conveyor


The oldest known use of screw conveyor was when it was used to fetch water from the ship’s hold in ancient times. Archimedes is often credited with the invention of the first Screw Conveyor. With time, much has changed in the design & application of the screw conveyors, but the principle of working still remains the same. Today, all kinds of hi-tech screw conveyors - capable of transferring materials on an incline, or vertically, or even horizontally - Wholesale self tapping metal screws are available.

Screw Conveyor - How It Works?

 There is a rotating shaft-mounted screw in a trough. There is also a drive unit which is used to power the shaft & causes it to rotate. When the shaft rotates, the material to be conveyed moves along the axis of the screw threads, & reaches the other end. Due to the weight of the material, it (material itself) does not rotate along with the screw.

Different Applications Of Screw Conveyors:    For feeding Powder Filling Machines from bulk material silos.  Constant feeding of any filling machine from production shop.  At Construction Sites - for loading trucks, for paving roads, etc.  At large Silos - for grain handling & loading/unloading.  For maintenance work- for easy and fast removal of snow from roads, etc.  In Rubber Industry - for conveying rubber from one part of the processing unit to another.  In Mining industry - for processing of the extracted minerals and ores.  In Dust collector systems & many others.    Why Screw Conveyors Are Considered The best?
   One of the main reasons for the popularity of Screw Conveyors is because of the simple design. This makes installation easy and swift.  Having a simple design, it is equally easy to maintain the Screw Conveyors & there is no need for elaborate maintenance procedures to ensure its durability and proper functioning.  They are compact and can be easily installed in places where space is restricted. They are also the most economical of all bulk material handling equipment.  With the addition of special components, these conveyors can be easily made dust proof, weather proof and rodent proof.

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